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    I wan't to be a cat! Isra absolutely loves her bed. It looks great and so comfy I want to sleep in it!


    Quick nap for the little ones


    Our beloved feline relishing her luxurious sofa bed. 🌟🐾


    A dream made in heaven...

    A pet sofa bed that comes in fun colors and patterns, If your home is bright, bold, and full of life..shouldn't your pet's chilling spot be, too?
    Wintertime is coming and you’re wondering how can you ensure that your dog will still feel warm and cozy? No worries, because this leaf-shaped dog blanket by FunnyPaws' got you covered!
    That’s why the leaf shaped dog blankets sold by FunnyPaws tick all the right boxes, with their practical aspects like being machine washable yet just looking right in your home.
    When selecting a blanket, start with an option that is machine washable. We find FunnyPaws' leaf shape dog blankets are a good option for you

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